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Our Clients

Over many years InStep has developed lasting client relationships with financial institutions and their service providers that are committed to winning and retaining more clients. Our client list is varied covering asset managers (retail and institutional), investment banks, and their service providers. We specialise in qualitative client interviews, face-to-face and over the telephone, and use a proven range of innovative research methods to gather unbiased perceptions which will provide you with managerially useful information for better client retention and growth.

We stick to the brief we are given and we aim to deliver a completed piece of work which includes a full report with conclusions and recommendations which allows you complete freedom to decide how you want to address the next steps – although we will always be there if you need us. We have the experience of working as end-users, and our goal is to discover your clients’ wants and needs.

InStep’s combination of financial industry expertise and the use of proven research tools ensure that client feedback is valid and comprehensive.