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Client Retention

It is five times more expensive to win a new client then retain an existing client. Only 5% of dissatisfied clients complain, preferring to vote with their feet. Research shows that over 70% of clients who switch service providers claimed to be either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ in client surveys completed just prior to defection.

InStep’s qualitative research reveals the stories behind the defections. Our research techniques uncover how your clients feel about your service and whether their expectations are being met.

From a branding perspective the Financial Services industry is a confusing and intangible category. It suffers from low involvement in the retail market (2/3rds of people are not interested in financial services) and over capacity in the institutional market. Companies tend to cluster around the same attributes and product promises in their literature.

InStep will through qualitative research identify the strengths, weaknesses and relevance of your brand position.