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About Us

Instep Communications is a specialist research consultancy providing primary market research gathering unique client intelligence, product positioning and 3rd party marketing.

InStep Communications has an in-depth knowledge of the Financial Services industry and National Health Service industry spanning many years of experience.

At the heart of InStep's Strategic Client Research is a qualitative approach to research which provides:

  • More flexibility and does not rely on the predefined question.
  • Quality analysis and results from smaller sample sizes.
  • The ability to understand things as well as just measuring them.
  • Deeper and more penetrating insights.

InStep works with firms who are focused upon greater profitability from five dimensions:

  • Protecting and growing revenue from existing clients – by retaining them for longer.
  • Launching better services – by assessing favorability in new and existing markets.
  • Winning new business – by understanding and altering market perceptions.
  • Developing and implementing market and sales efficiency - through hands on experience.
  • Improved relationship management and sales – by providing skills and behavioral based training.